First Story Slam at Temple Hospital and school of medicine

I'm still high from the success of the first Temple Story Slam, which we held Wednesday night at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Five faculty physicians, a resident, a fellow and five medical students each shared a five-minute story with an audience of about 100 fellow students and doctors. As one friend wrote me, “They shared stories of their own doubts, failures, and struggles; they looked inside of themselves and brought out things that were very unexpected and, in fact, exhilarating and surprising,”
Tyler Ranier, a fourth year medical student, won first prize for her story, Tattoo Graveyard, about the death of a young man with 12 gunshot wounds at 2:30 on a February afternoon. Part poetry, part narrative and pure passion, her fresh, raw, heartbreaking look at such a tragedy wowed the audience, which voted her the winner. Here is a link to her story on You Tube,
And one by her classmate Matt Trifan:
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