People, not patients: Holding hands and holding up!

Standing outside the hospital, enjoying the glorious sunshine, holding hands, Sam and Claire Zieminski looked like they had a story to tell. So I stopped and introduced myself. 
They came to Temple hospital this morning for her, for an endoscopy, and all was well. But he was the real medical marvel, with triple bypass surgery in 2009 and a double lung transplant here in 2012. 
 He said he felt great _ “”like I never had anything wrong with me.”
The retired Philadelphia police officer and his wife, 71 and 70, just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and took a cruise.
I loved their All-American look _ her red-and-white, stars-and-stripes t-shirt and his blue one. Underneath that shirt, I joked to him, I bet you’ve got scars.
“Oh, he’s got a lot,” she said. 
“Looks like I was in a knife fight and lost,” he said. 
But at this moment, in life, it sure looked like he was winning. They both were.
They will be having a barbecue at their Bensalem home on the Fourth of July, with kids and grandkids. .